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TOOLAC is our end to end brand providing cut edge technology for business applications.It is simple and easy to understand & handy in use. TOOLAC products cover almost all aspects of business solutions. The list of TOOLAC products include-

  • TOOLAC Accounting Pro.(Accounting Solution)
  • TOOLAC Personal Assistant.(Office Management & Address Book)
  • TOOLAC Invoice.(Billing Solution)
  • TOOLAC Coloniser.(Colony Development & Maintenance)
  • TOOLAC Admin.(Payroll System)
  • TOOLAC Petroman.(Petrol Pump Accounting System)
  • TOOLAC POS.(Point of Sales System)
  • TOOLAC Excise.(Excise Management System)
  • TOOLAC Trekker.(Trademark Trekker)
  • TOOLAC Post Office Agent.(Post Office RD Management)
  • TOOLAC Clinic Pro.(Patient Information System)
  • TOOLAC Mini CRM.(Customer Relation Management)


TOOLAC has many advantages as compared to its Contemporary counterparts.It is very simple & easy to use & understand.It provide a trouble free environment to its users. Its loading & unloading is simple & uncomplicated. Once loaded it run hassle free & smooth on the system.It doesn’t need big space on Hard Drive or vast memory space to run its application. In addition following more advantages are attached with TOOLAC-

  • Free Onsite Training.
  • Local Technical Support.
  • True Windows Based Software with unmatched user defined Visual Interfaces.
  • Created by those who know your business, accounting & requirements best.
  • Almost every aspect of TOOLAC can be customized.
  • Single User to Multi User.
  • High Data Security.


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